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need to take an active public role in discussing and shaping those issues. The Policy Circle is designed to change that.” Groups of 10 to 20 women meet in an individual’s home every other month. Members read a briefing paper on a selected issue, then get together for a discussion. “Our ultimate purpose,” Braly says, “is to empower women to have influence in their local communities and to promote policies that foster free enterprise and the values of freedom and liberty at all levels of government.” Be committed to your work, and work hard. Take on challenging assignments. You may not always succeed, but you’ll create opportunities for yourself. Do the right thing, and strive to do it right the first time. If you fall short, think about what you’ve learned. Put that knowledge to work next time. Above all, she says: “Know who you are. If you don’t, plenty of people will tell you who you should be.” Steps to success Braly is eager to counsel ambitious women and men seeking to rise in a large corporation. Her advice:

Board Director Angela Braly


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