The Lamp 2017

between ExxonMobil and our faculty very quickly, allowing researchers to focus on what they do best, which is the science and discovery,” Princeton’s Loo notes. The collaborative relationship enables student researchers to work with scientists in the field to solve real problems. Long-term, experienced researchers and engineers like Dankworth spend at least 20 percent of their time facilitating and working with faculty and student researchers on campus. ExxonMobil scientists are joint program leaders, and collaborate closely with faculty leads at the universities. “We are not just providing funds as a sponsor, but are active participants in the research,” Matturro notes. For Dankworth, it’s exciting to make connections between faculty members and ExxonMobil researchers. “Because of our research center’s close proximity to campus, there are two or three ExxonMobil researchers collaborating with students and faculty on campus every week. These types of partnerships help ExxonMobil broaden its bandwidth and connect with cutting-edge research in areas such as electronics, geophysical dynamics and plasmas – capabilities that we don’t have in-house. The partnerships are instrumental as we look to provide energy for the future.”


Nazeer Bhore, manager, lead generation and downstream breakthrough research at the Clinton EMRE facility


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