The Lamp 2017

New avenues Just as The Lamp originated nearly 100 years ago due to Standard Oil’s understanding of the importance for better communications, ExxonMobil understands that readers today consume news very differently. Most receive their information on laptops and mobile devices, and they want stories and business news faster and more frequently than a print publication can deliver. Digital delivery also offers significant cost efficiencies. We encourage readers to keep up to date on our corporate news by using a number of news sources available and accessible online: Energy Factor ( features company news, in-depth reviews of science and technology highlights, employee profiles, and perspectives on the energy industry. You can sign up to receive regular newsletters. Join us on Facebook , Twitter and LinkedIn to be part of our online community, stay connected to the company, and share content with family and friends. Our website ( is an in-depth source for news, publications and important shareholder information. Sign up for email alerts to learn whenever the company issues news releases or announcements. You can also find ExxonMobil on YouTube and in the App Store on your mobile devices. The Lamp brought the stories of ExxonMobil people and places to life for nearly a century. Now, Energy Factor and our other digital tools will continue to highlight the achievements of our corporation, and the many talents and accomplishments of our employees around the world.

it operated. Employee communication – the initial

highlighting exploration; Chemsphere magazine, profiling the company’s global chemical business; and numerous affiliate publications such as Esso Australia’s Connection magazine. Beginning in the 1940s, The Lamp editors retooled the magazine away from its strictly internal focus to include external audiences, particularly shareholders.

editorial mission of The Lamp – became the responsibility of each affiliate. Additional specialized magazines proliferated among the companies highlighting particular aspects of the energy industry. These included Oilways , which showcased the company’s motor oil and lubricants business; Search magazine,


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