Quarter 3/2015

Vanilla path Vanilla fragrance is used not only in perfume industry, but also in foods and drinks. The vanilla plants were originated in Mexico and Guatemala. The Spanish is credited with introducing vanilla to Europe in 1681. The word ‘vanilla , ’ derived from the diminutive of the Spanish word ‘vainilla,’ translates simply as “little pod.” There are three major species of vanilla that are grown globally: Vanilla planifolia Andrew, Vanilla pompona Scheide, and Vanilla tahitensis J.W. Moore. For Thailand, there was no record of when and who brought vanilla into the country. It was believed to be brought from Indonesia to grow at the Chantaburi Horticultural Research Center. There are five indigenous species in Thailand: Vanilla albida Blume, Vanilla apylla Blume, Vanilla borneensis Rolfe, Vanilla griffithii Rchb, and Vaniila siamensis Rolfe ex Downie.

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