quarter 4/2015

Esso supports health promotion program in remote areas Esso (Thailand) Public Company Limited and Esso employee club, in collaboration with Mae Fah Luang University, arranged the Exemplary Border Patrol Police School for Health Promotion program at Dusit Technical Border Patrol Police School in Chiang Rai for school’s sustainable health and sanitation development. Esso’s support to the program included a 650,000-baht support for the maintenance of sanitation facilities at the school premises, the addition of the health corner in the school’s library, medical check-ups for the students, and the development of youth leaders for health and sanitation promotion. In addition, Esso employee club recently held a charity bazaar to raise funds for the healthy lunch project and donation of scholarships, water purifiers, and bedroom accessories with the aim to develop Dusit Technical Border Patrol Police School as the exemplary school for sustainable practice in health promotion to needed communities in Chiang Rai province.

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