Quarter 4/2014

The Mobil 1 edge: 40 years young In the late 1960s, the U.S. government contacted Mobil in search of an aircraft landing-gear lubricant that would not freeze in extreme temperatures. The research that followed produced not only that lubricant but led to formation of a special technology team that in 1974 launched Mobil 1. The year 2014 also marks the 20 anniversary of the brand’s relationship with the McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 Team. Together, the Mobil 1- McLaren technology partnership has amassed an impressive 336 races, 231 podiums (top-three finishes), 78 victories and four world championships. “At 40 years young,” says Aldred, “Mobil 1 continues to offer the best in engine protection and performance – from everyday vehicles to the world’s most powerful high-performance sports cars.” th

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